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Treasure and Ponder

At a Bible study I have been attending with my mom, we just started a new study by Beth Moore called “Jesus The One And Only.”  It was very appropriate timing as the first week of this study explores in great detail the Christmas story progression from the angel’s appearance to Zechariah to the shepherd’s visitation of the baby Jesus.  It is a story that I have heard and studied many times, but something was different this time.  One little line really stood out for me:

“But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.”

— Luke 1, Verse 19

Beth Moore explains it this way:

The Greek word treasured up is suntereo, meaning “to preserve.”  The concept embodies the idea of keeping treasure preserved or safe, of holding it close.  The word for pondered is particularly wonderful.  Sumballo means “to throw or put together.”  It is the practice of casting many things together, combining them and considering them as one.

So, now that Christmas is over, what do we do with the anticipation that has seemingly been made complete with opening the last gift?  What do we do with all the energy we have now that we aren’t busy preparing for the perfect feast?  What do we do with the Hope, Peace, Joy and Love that we have been commemorating throughout the advent season?  What do we do with the “reason for the season” we are so apt to throw around?  Do we just go back to our daily lives and muddle through the “Post Holiday Blues” as best we can?

As for me, I think I’ve been doing a little more “treasuring” of my holiday anticipations and memories this year because I know next year’s Christmas season will be vastly different for us.  But if you really stop to think about it, every holiday season is different from the one before, with the addition or loss of family members, change in location or just changes of life in general.  And while some changes and difference are more dramatic than others, like our move to a foreign country, no two Christmases are ever the same.

So I challenge you to “preserve” your holiday memories and throw them together with the ones from years before and consider them as one.  Let us take the Hope, Peace, Joy and Love of the advent season into the New Year.  Let us take the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ, the true meaning of the season, out into the world.  I know I am sounding like a missionary here, but this is something we can all do.  You don’t have to move to a foreign country to find someone to share the love of Christ with.  You can probably find someone right down the street.  Just do it, and you will carry your holiday anticipations and memories throughout the year.

And that, my friends, is the best cure for the “Post Holiday Blues” I can think of.

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