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We’re Off!

It’s hard to believe we are actually saying that after months of planning, preparation and packing.  At some point, all of this transformed in our minds from an idea to a reality, probably about the time we reserved plane tickets.

As we embark, I want to take the opportunity to thank a host of people who have empowered us, confirmed our calling, provided support, become ambassadors for our ministry, prayed over us and just loved us.  First and foremost, I want to thank God for calling us to serve in Uganda.  It is so humbling and such an honor to be the hands and feet of a God who can create the world, part the Red Sea, give sight to a blind man and choose to be the payment for our sins.

Of us humans, I would like to first thank my parents, who have by far been the most significant supporters of my calling to serve with eMi since 2002.  And, we’re not talking about just a trip or two.  The trip to Burundi in a few weeks will be my 16th project trip with eMi.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Next, we thank Elaine, Heather’s mom, who opened her home to our family this fall, has been with us for every one of Caleb’s birthdays (including plans to visit us in Kampala this July,) shares wisdom from her experience on the mission field in Zaire in the early 70’s, offers her life as a testament to Divine strength, prays for us without ceasing and supports us in so many ways.  Thanks Elaine!

It is difficult to find the words to thank our sending church, Boulder Valley church of Christ.  What an amazing community of believers.  We have and continue to be so blessed from our time with all of you.  Looking back, we see how you helped prepare us for our current calling.  Just one example…you encouraged me in public speaking (amazing considering some painful past experiences) and helped develop those skills that will undoubtedly be of use this year.  Thanks to all of the individuals from BVCC who have and continue to support our ministry.

While living with Elaine this last fall, we were blessed by another wonderful church family at Round Rock Presbyterian Church.  Amid their own significant transitions, Round Rock reached out to our family and encouraged us as we prepared to head overseas.  Thanks to the BOB group, Yahweh Sisterhood, the Praise Band, the Sunday Bible class, the Madderas, BJ, Braon and Dusti Moseley, Bruce Shell, Jim Carssow, Karen Black, Pastor John Poling and the Mission Commission.

Thanks to Jim and Marynell Wallace for your support and for being some of our biggest advocates.  Thanks to Peace Presbyterian Church in Charleston, SC for your support.

Thanks to the Men’s Breakfast at Evangelical Covenant Church in Fort Collins, CO for your brotherhood when we lived there, for keeping my rudder straight while things around me were humanistic, for your support and for your prayers.

Thanks to Doug and Carole Hall (otherwise known as Mimi and Pappy) for your adoption of our family in Fort Collins, for loving our son as though he were your own grandson, for your support, your encouragement, your prayers and for just generally loving us.

Thanks to Peter Way for helping us set up our website and for hosting it.  Thanks to Mark Tarrant for his pro bono work on our will and estate planning.  Thanks to our parents for donating laptops for each of us.  Thanks to Larry Walrath for setting up our laptops.  Thanks to Glenn Gilbert for donating an additional seat of Autocad for our second laptop.  Thanks to my dad for other software he donated.

Thanks to other eMi volunteers who have or are providing support, including John Boldt, John Rahe, Mark Kaems, Martin Eskijian and Glenn Gilbert.

We thank all of you (even those not specifically mentioned) for your encouragement, support and prayers.  You are all partners in our ministry and investing in the Kingdom of God.  It is exciting and scary to be God’s hands and feet.  My prayer is that the people we serve will not see us, but see Jesus in us.

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