Mzungu Memoirs


Robert has been serving as a volunteer architect on short term mission trips with engineering Ministries international (eMi) for several years.

Recently, God has used life circumstances to present an opportunity to further serve Him.  The current recession and inability for Robert to find a job has provided the opportunity for longer term service.  Robert has felt called to this type of service for several years; however, Heather has not felt that call until recently.  We now both feel God has confirmed this opportunity for both of us.

Robert has committed to serve as a long term volunteer architect with the eMi East Africa office in Kampala, Uganda for a year.  Together with Heather, he will be going through spiritual preparation and orientation with the eMi Colorado Springs office in early January 2011.  The entire family, including Caleb, plan to move to Kampala later that same month.  Robert will be joining three East Africa design project teams in 2011, providing architectural design and drafting for those three projects and providing architectural design and renderings for other smaller projects.  He will also be joining an eMi design team in Zambia in early September 2010 to master plan and design a bible school.

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