Mzungu Memoirs


The Donahue Family has been called to serve as long term volunteers in the Kampala, Uganda field office of engineering Ministries international.  Robert will serve as a volunteer architect, joining eMi mission teams to offer free architectural services throughout east Africa.

engineering Ministries international, or eMi, is a nondenominational Christian development organization whose vision is to design a world of hope for the physically and spiritually poor.  eMi seeks to carry out this vision through the mission of mobilizing design professionals to minister to the less fortunate in developing nations, thus proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus by helping others change their world.

eMi creates a unique ministry link between design professionals who desire to serve God and ministries who often have no access to or funds available for professional design services that they require.  eMi comes alongside functioning ministries who are proclaiming the Gospel of Christ and ministering to the poor, developing a partnership to assist the expansion of the Kingdom through the expansion of ministry facilities.  Well planned campuses, infrastructure and buildings that are structurally stable, functional and efficient are a better use of resources given to us by God.

Everyone here is overwhelmed with the team’s committment to doing God’s work, as shown through the obvious time and effort you have put into working for BCC, and with your amazing level of skill…  There are not sufficient words.  Not only do we have this wonderful document and brochure to present to donors, but we also have hope and plans for the organization’s future.

Beth Rosen – Bushikori Christian Center; Uganda, April 2008

I just want to let you…know that the EMI Team has been such a blessing. They are working literally day and night to try to leave us exact plans for the new dorm, with gas, water, a survey of the whole property and a whole lot of other good things that I don’t know how to articulate. There is also a computer whiz here networking all of our computers. There are 12 on the team with 10 of them being engineers. They are about to work us to death. They go to bed at 3 a.m. and get up at 6 a.m. It is incredible. Their heart is to leave us with as much done as they possibly can. You should see the drawings for the new dorm and the plans for developing the whole property. Well, we just feel blessed out of our socks. How God Networks!!!!! This is awesome. Thanks again.

Martin and Charlotte Jacobsen – Bible School Directors; Patagonia, Argentina

You are kingdom professionals…. new wine in a new wineskin to complete the Great Commission.

Dan Batchelder – President, Morningstar Development; Colorado Springs, CO

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