Mzungu Memoirs


Our team witnessed the fulfillment of prayer during our time serving the ministry of the Patagonian Bible Institute.  On many of these project trips, we ask the local ministry if there are any items we could bring in our luggage to bless locals or the ministry.

The eMi intern serving with this project came from a family of musicians and felt led to fill a request for a flute.  Working in the Colorado Springs office before we embarked, his walking route to the office took him by a pawn shop with a flute displayed in the window.  He ended up picking up the flute and brought it along.

About halfway through our time in country, he gave the flute to the ministry, not knowing the purpose or recipient.  A few days later, the flute was given to a friend of the missionary family’s daughter.  Come to find out, this young girl had been saving for a flute to use in worship.  After the economic collapse of Argentina, she was no longer able to purchase the flute.  She and friends prayed for a flute, confident that God would provide.

God works in amazing ways.

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