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Peter said to Him, “Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.”  And He said, “Come!” And Peter got out of the boat, and walked on the water and came toward Jesus.  But seeing the wind, he became frightened, and beginning to sink, he cried out, “Lord, save me!”  Immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and took hold of him, and said to him, “You of little faith, why did you doubt?”  When they got into the boat, the wind stopped.  And those who were in the boat worshiped Him, saying, “You are certainly God’s Son!”.                                                                                                            Matt 14:28-33

Sometimes, life circustances make it easier for me to relate to people recorded in the Bible more than I may have in the past.  Committing to serve in Uganda for a year, amid waves of uncertainty, risk and incomplete funding, we rest in the hope that God will provide for our needs and the feeling that the Holy Spirit has called us to serve in the Kingdom.  We feel Jesus reaching to us, but the waves seem great.  We ask for your prayers as we navigate this beautiful storm.

Robert, Heather & Caleb

3 Responses to “PRAYERS FOR US”

  1. Robert says:

    We would appreciate your prayers for peaceful upcoming national elections here in Uganda scheduled for Friday 18 Feb 2011. We have passed political rallies on major streets and heard several truck-mounted loudspeakers passing by our house. There was also a gathering just down the road from our house large enough to block the road.

  2. Patti Watkins says:

    “Change is the essence of life.Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.”

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