Mzungu Memoirs


All support is tax deductible and can be sent to either of the following:

engineering Ministries international

130 East Kiowa, Suite 200

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Boulder Valley church of Christ

270 76th Street

Boulder, CO 80303

Support can also be sent to our support account at eMi electronically at this link or you can even set up an online account and track donations through the new eMi donation page at this link.

Please designate any support to either organization for Robert Donahue

One Response to “SUPPORT US”

  1. Liz Reeder says:

    Robert, Heather & Caleb,

    Hi guys! We miss you up here in Colorado. Your website is awesome and I look forward to keeping up with all of your adventures over the next year. What is the status of the condo? You are and will be in my prayers constantly.

    Love you,

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