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Caleb’s Master Plans

Many children want to emulate their parents’ work.  Although Heather and I can think of more promising career choices, Caleb is no different in that aspect.  He has said that we have three architects in our family.  While Heather and I both are licensed in the State of Colorado, I am not sure what jurisdiction would license a six-year old.

Caleb has watched me develop master plans as I serve with eMi, both sketching by hand and rendering on the computer.  As much of his interest goes in phases, he has recently taken an interest in developing his own master plans.  He has shown them to other people and received some great advice.  Grandma Maggie, who lives next door and serves eMi as housing director and counselor, asked Caleb about site drainage of one of his master plans.  Then Caleb came to me, saying, “Daddy, we need to talk about the drainage on this master plan.”  His comment caught me off guard until I later learned of his previous discussion with Grandma Maggie.

Most of his master plans are schools, although one is a campground.  When explaining his plans, he talks about the location of classrooms, lunch room, offices, library, art room, sports fields, playground, and water features.  He even drew a library elevation with an open book above the entry door with a ‘no smoking’ sign.

The preceding and following are a small collection of some of his master plans.  He has indicated their locations, whether in Kenya or Uganda.  We won’t tell his licensing board.

“All this,” David said, “I have in writing as a result of the LORD’s hand on me, and he enabled me to understand all the details of the plan.” – 1 Chronicles 28:19


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